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Grapevine glassblowing studio heats up Valentine’s Day
By Marty Sabota
[email protected]

Glass artist Spencer Crouch helps Ashley Redford make a glass rose at Vetro. Juan Guajardo Star-Telegram GRAPEVINE

Adam Redford is a sweet, caring spouse who wanted to find a special experience to celebrate his wife’s 29th birthday and Valentine’s Day that followed three days later.

He heard some people talking at work about something really cool — or make that really hot.

On Feb. 11, Adam and Ashley Redford were making glass flowers at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery. Vetro is a full working studio in Downtown Historic Grapevine with a team of artisans that hold live glassblowing demonstrations daily.

The Forney couple’s experience was one of the Feb. 11-14 Flaming Cocktail Hot Date Night events Vetro owner David Gappa created for couples and families to make — with a little help, of course — hand-blown glass hearts or flowers.

“After all, nothing says love more than fuel, fire and hot molten glass,” said Gappa, who founded Vetro, which is Italian for glass, in 1999.

Each participant chose colors from four preselected mixes and applied the colors to the hot molten glass. The participant stayed by the glass artist while the colors were heated in the 2,000-degree furnace and then blown out.

Adam opted for a more hands-on approach but when his blue and white flower started “wilting,” professional Spencer Crouch helped out.

“It takes a little bit of skill,” master glass artist Gappa said with a smile.

When it comes to romance, Redford has been creative since Day One.

He planned a proposal at the Tyler Rose Garden in East Texaswith a picnic and a ring hidden in a hollowed out kiwi.
“Ashley picked up the kiwi and threw it to a squirrel,” said Adam, both laughing at the memory. “I ran and got it back and then proposed.”

Ashley, who homeschools their children, ages 4, 8 and 9, said their evening for two at Vetro was romantic and was a perfect choice for her request that Adam find “something different.”

It was really fun,” the mother of three said.
Marty Sabota, 817-390-7367
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  1. Patti Wynne says:


    RE: Art Class

    Dear Redford Family of the Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery,

    Hopefully, you all are doing well. Further, I hope that your Gallery continues to be a beacon for all of those living in the area of Grapevine. For those, there, who give people
    guidance as to all that there is to know about what is fascinating & fun to do & see, I imagine that your Studio is still topping the Charts.

    Relatively speaking, I would be hard~pressed to tell anyone where they could come & customize a glass piece, observe the Artist in a glass~medium Studio making, i.e. A
    paper~weight using rebar, fire, a kiln or to have the opportunity to take a Class
    in said medium Instructed by the Artist or peruse a Gallery of such a Collection…I dunno & I live in an Art hub, so to speak.

    Being taught how to make original, decorative paper~weights, as an art form, for me
    is exciting to contemplate! Glass dome or colorful geometric housing for various~sized wattage light~bulbs are beautiful possibilities, too.

    The two (2) other locations, with whom your Gallery shared the Website (is that right?)
    are better, logistically for me. When it comes to traveling to another location for Class,
    do you know if such Classes, as noted above, are ever offered at either of the other two (2) “Dallas” locations?

    Surely, I hope that I understand the information correctly. Most of all, my interest in learning all of the concepts of paper~weight making is sincere. Wherever I may need
    to travel to get the best, most thorough & old~school instruction available, I will.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration, Redford Family. As always…

    Best regards,

    Patti O. Wynne
    [email protected]

    1. Good afternoon,
      The other locations are gallery locations not Working Studio locations. We offer classes at Vetro located in Grapevine but because of the Texas heat we are not offering classes again until October. Please feel free to contact us closer to October or if you would like I can add you to my class list and I will personally be contacting you about the upcoming classes in the Fall.
      Thank you,
      Lindsey Barker

  2. Kim says:

    When are classes offered? What is the cost involved?

    1. We will be starting classes again in October. We hold classes after business hours from 6 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. Workshop – 2 hours per person – $175.00 plus tax per person. I have started a waiting list for the upcoming classes if you are interested please give me a call at the studio so I can add you to the list. 🙂 817-251-1668

    2. We just launched class signup, today!!! Tuesday, September 15, 2015 the new class registration is live. You can find all the information on the Event’s Calendar or on the Workshop page. Please feel free to contact me in the Studio if you have any further questions. 817-251-1668

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