Jeremy Scott Spotlighted By Vetro

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Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery is spotlighting Jeremy Scott as a magnificent flameworking artist.

We searched through social media, client referrals, personal referrals, business referrals, books, magazines, art shows and several other random places around the U.S. to bring in the best glass consignment artwork! Vetro is excited to showcase Jeremy Scott’s glass artwork to all of our gallery visitors here in Grapevine, Texas!!!

A bit more about this awesome glass artist:

As a child, Jeremy Scott was able to attend glassblowing demonstrations held by local artist.  As he grew so did his love for glass art, inspiring Jeremy to invest as a young adult in a basic glass setup.  He quickly experimented and found his passion for torch work. Always seeking more he quickly used the power of social networking, meeting Bryan Hyatt and Austin James Meredith through Torch Talk, which helped to expand Jeremy’s way of learning.




Jeremy has held public demos and pop up art sales throughout the Dallas Motorplex. Jeremy says he is most inspired by contemporary glass artist Salt.  He is a huge fan of his monster series, and sees his art focus to be headed in that direction.

Jeremy Scott retired after 13 very successful years in the incorrect career and now focuses on his passions. Jeremy has found his happy place as a father of two sons, Nathaniel (1) and Jeremy (3), an artist, and husband to a supportive wife, Alyssa Rose Scott.

The moment Jeremy entered our gallery his enthusiasm for glass has always shined.  He recently held live demonstrations outside during Main Street Days Festival.  He is constantly asking what we need in the gallery and does an incredible job of creating  art glass for our clients.



Do not forget to come by Vetro and check out our spotlighted artist, Jeremy Scott!  Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, 701 South Main Street, also located at the train depot, surrounds you with a cascade of color in vibrant glass sculptures and delightful light filled objects. The Vetro gallery houses over fifty consignment glass artists works, and glass jewelry.  The performance of the glass blowers choreographing their skills in front of the glowing glass creations is always a sight to see.