“Introspection” Presented in the Top 100! CODAawards 2019

Selected by the 2019 CODAawards jury as one of the Top 100. CODA looked for the best design projects that demonstrated the most successful integration of commissioned art into an interior, architectural, or public space.


The Neuron installation is approximately 60ft x 40ft x 8ft. Each of the 175 hand blown glass spires is approximately 5′-6″ long and connected to a brushed stainless steel structure with DMX programmable LED lights within. Above the 175 glass spires are 1,050 glass spheres suspended from a lattice work of stainless steel.


“Introspection” is a visible interpretation of an often hidden process in our bodies: the communication of nerves. Designed to capture the essence of thought as it pulsates through a field of synapses, this piece artistically translates the catalytic movement of energy as it transfers through our creative minds.


My group consisted of three primary teams. The Gappa Glass glassblowing team, Matt with MP Custom Steel Fabrication and Gemini Lighting.  

Location: Center for BrainHealth Dallas, Texas  

Introspection Submitted by, David Gappa

Gappa Glass - Introspection Assemblage

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