Glassblowing Events in Grapevine Texas

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Team Building

Challenge your team within a setting that removes the boundaries that team members face on a daily basis.  New interaction will allow your team members to see their colleagues from a different perspective.  Pave the way to overcoming communication problems and breaking down barriers they may not have even realized existed.

Private Events

We have the Perfect Extreme Party atmosphere to fit your one of a kind party in a sizzling style. Imagine something new and unknown, a hot glass experience where you create glass pieces with your friends, family, or co-workers. We have the perfect Extreme Party Package Deal to fit your one of a kind party in a sizzling style. Here at Vetro, we share a creative party atmosphere where you can discover a perfect venue for your creative minds.

Group Help Create

Group Help Create Events can be an exciting and unique opportunity to try your hand at a new medium and is the perfect introduction to glassblowing. The Group Help Create Event requires a minimum of 15 pieces of artwork to be created.

Public Events

This unique interactive experience is fun, festive, and perfect for friends, family, companies, and children of all ages! Our Community Help Creates are great photo opportunities where glassblowing memories and traditions are made!

Each Community Help Create event dates and times can be found on the Vetro Calendar.

Scheduled Group Demonstrations

Demonstrations for organizations and groups are always welcome. Glassblowing Demonstrations are $60, and our space can accommodate up to 25 people per group.  Demos last between 20 – 30 minutes and the glassblowers will talk you through the creative process of glass artwork.

Glassblowing Demonstrations

Witnessing first hand, the artists behind the glass artwork is one of our greatest attractions. You are more than welcome to stop by the studio anytime to watch the glassblowers at no cost. Their schedule varies from day to day; therefore, we invite our guests to call, (817)251-1668, the gallery to see their availability.

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