Cathy Shepherd Spotlighted By Vetro

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Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery is spotlighting Cathy Shepherd as a magnificent fused glass artist. We searched through social media, client referrals, personal referrals, business referrals, books, magazines, art shows and several other random places around the U.S. to bring in the best glass consignment artwork! Vetro is excited to showcase Cathy Shepherd glass artwork to all of our gallery visitors here in Grapevine Texas!!!

The Works of Cathy Shepherd 

“Inspiration for Cathy Shepherd’s handmade fused glass art is all around her, especially as she scuba dives in Tahiti and cross colorful, tropical destinations in the world. Bright, ocean-specific hues such as turquoise blues, pearly pinks, emerald greens, and fiery oranges bring Cathy’s artistic vision to the glass canvas as she layers multiple colors into one fabulous piece. Her work stands out by using many intense colors instead of just one.

Cathy also uses texture to create complex and energetic works of dimensional-fused glass art. From her early beginnings as a seamstress and fabric artist, Cathy has embraced the use of texture. She has also worked in the medium of oil paintings, which uses texture on the surface. With her liberal use of color, Cathy’s work is perfect for contemporary homes and businesses. Her work is distinctive through her nature-inspired use of luminous color.”


Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, 701 South Main Street, also located at the train depot, surrounds you with a cascade of color in vibrant glass sculptures and delightful light filled objects. The Vetro gallery houses many fine glass artists’ work, glass jewelry, and over fifty consignment artists. The performance of the glass blowers choreographing their skills in front of the glowing glass creations is always a source of entertainment.

So do not forget to come by Vetro and check out our Spotlighted Artist Cathy Shepherd!