Help Create Ornaments – TRADITIONAL!


Bring in the Holiday Season with Fire and Fun! Join us as we continue our ornament tradition; help Vetro’s glassblowers make your Hand-Blown Ornament. Select the color pallet of your choice – apply the color – and watch your ornament being created before your very eyes.

For more Holiday fun on the weekends, each guest will have the opportunity to help create his/her own glass ornament! CLICK HERE to check out details for Vetro’s Extreme Ornament Blowout!

Bring the whole family to the Vetro Studio for a fun and unique experience. Our Ornament Help-Creates are great photo opportunities where memories and traditions are made! Details Below!


Price: $30 (plus tax) per ornament – First Come, First Serve ONLY reservations are NOT required nor will be taken.

The Process:

  • You select colors from our four pre-selected color palettes of glass
  • You apply the colors to the hot molten glass gather
  • You stay by the artist while he/she blows out the ornament and adds a glass hook
  • $30 per ornament (under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

“Traditional Ornaments”Dates + Times:

Saturday, November 22: 2pm-6pm
Friday, November 28: 2pm-7pm
Saturday, November 29: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Sunday, November 30: 11am-1pm, 2pm-6pm
Friday, December 5: 2pm-6pm
Saturday, December 6: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Sunday, December 7: 12pm-5pm
Friday, December 12: 2pm-7pm
Saturday, December 13: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Sunday, December 14: 12pm-6pm
Friday, December 19: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Saturday, December 20: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Sunday, December 21: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Monday, December 22: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm
Tuesday, December 23: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm

Please Note:

  • Ornaments may be picked up the next business day after 3pm or shipped for an additional charge.  Ornaments will not be available until 3pm the next business day.
  • Due to the nature of glass, there is a possibility that your glass art piece could break or crack during the cooling process. If this happens, one of the gallery employees will call with two different options: (1) one of our glassblowers can re-make the glass art piece and you can pick it up or have it shipped (for an additional fee); (2) you can schedule a time to come back to the Vetro Studio and re-make your art piece!
  • Kids of all ages are welcome to observe but must be 14 years of age or older for Extreme Ornament Making process.

Holiday Hours: Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery will be CLOSED on the following days and times:

  • Studio & Gallery closes at 2pm Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)
  • Thursday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • Friday, December 26
  • Sunday, December 28

Your ornament will need about 24 hours to cool to room temperature. You may return on the following business day after 3pm to pick it up or you can have it shipped for an additional charge. Ornaments will not be ready until 3pm the following business day.

All details, hours, and video footage are in Gappa’s Events Calendar – click here.

No appointments are necessary or will be taken during scheduled “Traditional Ornament” times. ($30 per ornament)  It is first-come, first-serve only. Reservations are available during other times of the week for groups with a minimum of 15.  Please call the Studio for availability – 817-251-1668.

Help Create Ornament Color Options – 2014




For a BIGGER color selection and more participation with your Help-Create, you may be interested in our…

Extreme Ornament Blowout!


Location: 701 S. Main St., Studio 103, Historic Downtown Grapevine, Texas (Same parking lot as the Grapevine Vintage Railroad) – 817-251-1668

> CLICK HERE to view a printable Ornament Schedule (PDF)

> CLICK HERE to view Extended Holiday Hours for shopping in Vetro’s Gallery

Watch the video below and see how you can be a part of the “World of Glassblowing”


Vetro’s parking lot becomes a Winter Wonderland  during the month of December due to Grapevine’s “North Pole Express”.  If you wish to “Help Make Your Own Ornament” or just browse through the Fine Art Glass Gallery for that “One-of-a-Kind Handblown Gift”, feel free to park behind the Studio on Hudgins Street, or just across Main Street.

On the weekends during the North Pole Express, a shuttle service will also be available.  Once in Grapevine follow the signs to parking areas.  Free shuttles run continuously from the free parking at the Grapevine Convention Center to the North Pole Express.

Free Parking: Grapevine Library 1209 South Main Street Shuttle drops off at the North Pole Express

Additional parking may also be found at American Locker Group parking lot – 815 S. Main Street

For information on the North Pole Express, feel free to visit Grapevine’s Website for further information.


“Help Create Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments at Vetro”

Help Create Hand Blown Glass Ornaments at Vetro


18 thoughts on “Help Create Ornaments – TRADITIONAL!”

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  1. Gayle says:

    What days/times are available for the Extreme Ornament Blowout? Any dates the week after Christmas by chance?

    1. Vetro says:

      We would love to have you out here in the Glassblowing Studio to help create your Christmas Ornaments. The Traditional Ornament sessions are first come first serve. The Extreme Ornament sessions need to be registered online at We can’t wait to see everyone!

  2. Amey Foust says:

    I would like to make two ornaments (Extreme Ornament Making) on Friday, November 28th around 10:00 am. Can we pick them up on Saturday (November 29th)?

    Thank you,
    Amey Foust

  3. Kelli Bleemel says:

    We would like to reserve 3 spits for this Saturday Nov 22 for the ornament making. Can I do that here?

    1. Vetro says:

      We would love to have you out here in the Glassblowing Studio to help create your Christmas Ornaments. The Traditional Ornament sessions are first come first serve. The Extreme Ornament sessions need to be registered online at We can’t wait to see everyone!

  4. kim walker says:

    Hi I’m coming out for the glass blowing Sunday, November 30th with about 10 people. We will arrive about 30 minutes early since you don’t take reservations. Can you please recommend a lunch spot for us to go to after the glass blowing experience? thanks.

    1. Shannon Webster says:

      Thank you for coming! I hope you guys found a great lunch spot!

  5. Jana Matthews says:

    Can I bring my 3 year old to the traditional class on 11/29 and help her make a keepsake ornament; and if so how early do you suggest we come to get in line to make the decoration.

    1. Shannon Webster says:

      Yes, you can bring a 3 year old. We still have traditional ornament making available Sat-Tues.

  6. Jason Brown says:

    2 spots for the Saturday, Dec 13th ornament class please. What times are still available?

    1. Shannon Webster says:

      Sorry for the delayed response. Due to popular demand, we added an additional day of Extreme ornament making on Dec. 31st. You can reserve a spot online. Thanks!

    2. Shannon Webster says:

      Due to popular demand, we added an additional Extreme ornament day on Dec 31st. You can book online, or come in for traditional Sat-Tue.

  7. John says:

    Do you have a list in case people cancel. I want to sign up for my girl friend and I, the only date left is December 31, but she is having hip surgery on December 29 and will not be able to make it. If anyone does cancel I would take their appointment no questions asked. My number is 908-461-4424. Thank you for your consideration.

    John Francisco

    1. Vetro says:

      Hello John,
      Lindsy will give you a call shortly to get you an appointment.

  8. Pala Marlow says:

    I am interested in the glass ornament event. Is December 11 one of the days for the event? I need to take off a vacation day from work to participate.
    What time does the event start?

    1. We have not finalized the Ornament schedule yet for this season. We hope to have this figured out with in the next couple weeks. Please check back in about two weeks for more information.

    2. December 11th is going to be a Traditional Ornament making day starting at: 10am-1pm & 2pm- 7pm it is a first come first service. You can find out all the details on our events calendar. Please let me know if there is any further information you would need. We look forward to this upcoming Ornament Season!!!

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